10 Things That Would Make Him Loves You Forever.

There is not a lot that men want in a relationship. If you want to be special and the one and only forever, here are a couple of little tricks that would help you out to be the first lady in his eyes.

  1. Gym – Men are prime and like to get physical just to prove themselves in front of others. Like animals in the jungle, they want to be the strongest.  That is why they are so passionate and obsessed about sports. You can simply start going to the gym with him, for which we can guarantee that you both will feel more balanced and completed. Training will give you a different way of thinking and will make you more energized. You can read in health articles of what this will give you as benefits and how will change your body and way of thinking.
  2. Food – Bake his favorite dish. Once you know his favorite flavors, you can start experimenting with them and make surprises when he is least expecting. The key to the man heart is going through his stomach. For some new ideas, you can visit our Culinary section.
  3. Football – Find out which is his favorite team and check the schedule for most important games. Invite a couple of his friends and let him know that he will have a great night with friends – mans night and beer. He will appreciate you forever. We guarantee that his friends will be thrilled and jealous at the same time. When friends are speaking good things about you he will appreciate the fact that his friends are speaking about you, but not for their girlfriends. You will be the one in his eyes.
  4. Compliments – Every man love to hear compliments about how they are dressed, about their hair and etc.
    Tell them that they are the strongest and make them feel manly.
  5. Sex – Of course, this is the strongest card in your pocket. Surprise him in the morning with whatever intimate pleasure comes to your mind. Be free let him fulfill his fantasies (do not go too far of course). Be dominant lead the act. Play roles together this will help out about having diversity in your relationship.
  6. Travel – Take him on a trip. Visit other countries and try different cultures. Educate your selves by learning other believes, try different kitchen and spend some time only by you two.
  7. Dance – Just one dance can make a strong link between man and woman. Dancing is like sex, it is expressing your feeling physically.  When you go to disco or wedding or else that you need to dance, you will have skills and you will look good in front of others.
  8. Massage – An erotic massage will stimulate the body and blood pressure in the body of your partner.
    You do not need to be a specialist however, you can learn some tricks from simple videos or articles.
    By performing simple moves in a certain way you will activate his brain and his imagination. Then you will have your man in the palm of your hand as a piece of mud that you can modulate the way you want.
  9. Personal space – Let him go out with friends and have some ‘’Man Time’’. It is good when couples are having some personal time. You need to go out and do stuff with friends. It is not always possible to say things in front of him that you can share with your friends. It is the same when a man is going out with friends. They might not share that much as women’s do, they most probably will speak about other women’s and get drunk but this doesn’t mean that this is something bad. That is their way to get rid of the daily pressure at work.
  10. Presents – Buy him baby stuff. By baby stuff, we mean that you can get him stuff like Video games, football balls, electronic car, sports outfits or things that he is interested in. Boys never grow up. They just change their toys with bigger ones. You will always make a man happy if you get him a toy.

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