Goose Saves a Dog from Frost

A farmer goes to the town to do shopping. While he was traveling back to his farm, in the ditch next to the road he saw a goose, which is shivering of cold. He decided to save it (something which everyone must do in this situation), but when he stopped the car and approached the goose, he was amazed. He saw this

The goose has embraced a little puppy with wings, to save it from freezing.

The farmer took the animals in his car and drives them to his farm. Now they are well, they have home and food, but the most important thing in this situation is to take a lesson from that goose.

That story shows us that people are backward behind very much as a kind and that we have much to learn from animals. There is hope for our planet, but we need to learn to love and goodness from animals.

Share this with as many people as possible, so this story can go around the world and everyone can see what this awesome goose have done.

Animals are awesome, be like them.

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