House Or a Flat

House or a flat? This is the question that everybody asks. Here are some positive and negative sides.

In most of the cases, flats are situated in the middle of the town which is plus because you don’t have to travel long to downtown. You can simply go out of the building and there you are.

Another plus of the flat is that the higher it is the better the view is. It is really nice to go to the balcony and see that beautiful view of the whole town or beach. The biggest plus is that they are cheaper than a house.

Let’s take a look at the advantage of the house. If you live in a house there is always more space that you can use for a barbecue on sunny days. If you have children or pets you can let them run at the yard without having any concerns. If you have a bigger budget you can afford a pool.

This is the moment that we realize that the more space we own, the more time it would take for maintenance. The bigger the house, the more time and money it will take to maintain the place.

Another advantage of the house is that the neighbors are not that close to you as in the apartment. This way no one can disturb you if you listen to loud music or have noisy guests.

The biggest minus of the apartment is that there are communal areas that you share with your neighbors. If the roof starts leaking you will be responsible along with the other neighbors. You will have to pay for everything that you done or didn’t done. If you need to make some refreshment or decoration all of the rest has to agree on this too. However if you are in a house you and only you will decide what to do, well and your wife too.
You decide which suits you better flat or a house.

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