How to get rid of bad back.

Many people are suffering from bad back issues.

The reason is the nerves that support your spine are getting locked between. There however are quite quick solutions for this issue. No matter how funny it sounds Yoga will help to get free from all the pain, issues and so on. Yoga is good for strengthening your back because of the type of excesses that train different muscles which support the back along with the nerves. Be careful if you start practicing Yoga, go with the basics because you might get worse or injured. For instance, child pose – get on your knees, bend your chest over them, head straight and hands forward and stretch. Relax for 3,4 minutes and that is it. You can try also spine twist – while you lay on the mat, bend your knees so they can point up and then twist them to the left and right with rest between changing the sides. Thread the needle pose- while laying on your back bend the knee of your left leg upwards put the heel of your right leg on the top of your knee to the left leg. Now grab with both hands the back of your left leg knee. Now stretch and hold, change pose with another side. When you feel secure you can try and many others that would have higher difficulty.


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