How To Pump Our Biceps?

This is a simple exercise that would help you out pumping your biceps and makes it thicker. The exercise is called twenty-one. It is twenty-one because you do 7 reps x 3 times. The first weight that you have to choose is light and is for warming up the muscles that are going to take part in the exercise.
Don’t start with a weight that can damage your arm, if you did not warm up properly. Suggestion for first weight would be 2-3 kg dumbbells.

How to execute it:
In both your hands you hold 2-3 kg dumbbells. Your hands are pointing to the mirror and making 90 degrees angle to your chest and 90 degrees to your hips.
– First 7 reps have to be done when lifting the dumbbells 90 degrees from the mirror to your chest.
-Second 7 reps have to be done from your hips to the mirror again 90 degrees angle to the mirror.
NOTE:  First 2 Sevens are done with 90 degrees angle!
– Third 7 reps would be 180 degrees angle from your hips to your chest.

You can do 3 series with different weight increasing it slowly. Don’t go too heavy especially if this is your first time that you do the twenty-one exercise!

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