How To Strengthen Our Legs!

Many of you are aware of the fact that if you want your upper body to grow faster the legs has to be trained well too.
When we do squats or other exercises for the legs our body produces the testosterone that helps to develop its growth. When the legs grow with them proportionally the upper body grows and develops at the same time.
Have you tried training your legs without any success?
Have you spent a lot of hard workouts and the size of your legs doesn’t improve much? Despite all the training and time spent in the gym you still have legs of a 7th grader.
We have one trick that would help you improve the weight that you lift and the strength of your legs. Your power will increase three-four times from your previous best highest weight.

It is actually pretty simple. Start your training with a good warm up. We strongly suggest stretching at least 5 minutes and then 10-15 minutes on the gym cycle. You need to know what is your best result (weight) in doing squats beforehand, if you don’t, you should see which is the highest weight that you squat with. The highest weight that you can lift in squats is the one that you can do ten reps with, but if you get a little bit higher than you won’t be capable of completing full ten squats. Once you know the best weight in squats (please remember your best weight is the one that you can do ten reps with) then head on to the bench press. Most important to start increasing your weight is that after the warm up described above the first weight lifting starts with the Leg Press! If, for example, you squat with 100 kg then you should start warming up with a little bit less on the leg press. Put up 70 kg, do 10-12 reps, then on the second series you should put up another 20 kg on top and do new 10 reps. Do this three to four times depending on how much power you will have left. If your top weight on the leg press is 130kg then you can try your top weight on the squats to be 110 kg. If your top weight in the leg press was 150kg then your squat weight would be 10-15kg. Remember always the top weight should be able to be executed with at least 10 reps any less than that then this is not your top weight. Try on every other legs day to increase the leg press with 10-20 kg and then you would be able to improve your squats with the 5-10kg. This simple trick would help you of strengthening your legs.

You should be aware that after fourth increasing you should keep the highest weight for at least 2 months before start increasing again, otherwise the trick won’t work for long.

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