Is training enough to feel well and to have a perfect body

Everybody must train to look and feel good in his body. If you train really hard the results will be great, but no matter if you are running in the park, training in the fitness or practice some sport, this is a good beginning but sometimes this is not enough.

Here you understand that there is something else that you must do. First, you must think about what you eat and second how long and when you sleep.


The experts say that the perfect sleeping is long between 6 and 8 hours. Everyone knows that the middle is perfect so we must target to 7 hours of sleep every night, but it is not only how long you sleep but it is important and to know exactly when to sleep.

The most important hours for sleeping are between 10pm and 2am. I know that in nowadays no one is going to bed at 10pm but I tried to do it for one whole month and decided to continue doing it after that month. It was really difficult for me in the beginning but the results were awesome.

Now I go to bed at 10pm (of course I can’t do it every night but I try) and wake up at 5am. When I wake up I feel really refreshed and energized, so I advise you to sleep in this period and you will feel well and will lose some weight.


The theme of food is very big and comprehensive. I will write another special article about it. Here I will tell you just the most important. For the moment just train (hard) and try to follow my advice about sleeping. I think they will be enough for most of you.

The most important thing about food is to stop junk food. Junk is making us fat, slow and grows change of heart attack. If you stop it you will feel better and will lose some weight.

The second thing is to try to eat every 3-4 hours. If you eat every 4 hours your metabolism gets faster and you burn more calories.

Remember that you can’t make everything the right way. Find 2-3 things to follow, after a month you can find something else. For example, now you can start training and sleeping 7 hours a day. After a month you can stop sweets and so on. If you do everything in the right way from tomorrow, it will be very difficult for you and after 2-3 days or a week you will be desperate and you will do in the old way.

Now find what is most important for you and start doing it. After a while add something else and with time you will become fitter and healthier.

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