Raising Your Dog Properly

Raising a dog properly is never an easy task. If you have decided to get a dog for your house, you need to be aware that your whole life and lifestyle will change.
Your priorities will need to change. You need to be completely dedicated to this first 2-3 years of the dog’s educations and socializing. There are books that will help you out beforehand of things you should be aware of. Kilograms, proper food, common diseases, environment etc.
You need to know what type of character you are looking for and you can handle such as energetic, dominant, calm or other.
Be aware that all the time you will need to take care of its hygiene, walks,  feeding and lots of things that will consume your time. In the beginning, you will need to walk him at least 3 to 4 times a day in order for your pet to become more socialized with the rest of the kind. It is important your dog behave properly so you can take him with you on most of the places you go to.
Do not hit your dog with anything if you need to punish him. The same effect will have loud noise which will scare him such as clapping or yelling or both together. If you hit your dog it is pretty much possible at some point to bite you.
If you intend to have kids you will need to consult with a specialist when you need to take actions before or after you have a kid.
We suggest you adopt a dog when it is young and still it’s learning fast and can be taught on time. There is a lot of literature that will help you with this.
Be careful and treat your pet properly. Be the person that you want your dog to be!

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