Ten Fast Ways To Earn a Lot Of Money

You’re walking on the street and you’re thinking about your financial problems, but you don’t just want to fix them only for the moment and to start wondering what to do again the next time something happens. You want to solve your problems once and for all and that’s why you’re thinking about ways you can earn a lot of money, especially the easy ways.

So let’s look at some of them:

  1. Winning the lottery – Whenever someone mentions a big amount of money, what everyone starts thinking about is the lottery. What better time for you to try the lottery than in a moment when you need money. You just buy a ticket and there is nothing to lose, but on the other hand – if you win, you solve all your problems.
  1. Inventing something -You’ve never liked having to spread butter on your slice of bread yourself and you’ve always been wondering how to avoid it? Invent the machine that can do it, patent it and you will stop eating bread and butter all together.
  1. Marrying someone rich – You’ve been following closely your neighbor’s careless way of life for years and you’ve always envied her. Just think of a way to make her fall in love with you and marry you and there you have it – a life like hers and an end to your money problems (and she’s pretty anyway).
  1. Sewing someone rich or some company – You go to the bank, slip, break a leg and everything after that is in the hands of your lawyer (you better choose him carefully). If he doesn’t manage it and you don’t get anything, just wait until your leg is OK, go out and look around for a nice, expensive car, and I think you’re already familiar with what to do after that.
  1. Finding a briefcase full of money – You’re taking out the trash and you bump into something, you look down and you can clearly see how you no longer need to take out the trash yourself, but you’ll hire someone to do it for you.
  1. Finding precious stone deposits – You’re going into the forest to steal some wood to keep you warm in the winter when you bump into a stone. It’s such a nice stone that you decide to take it home and prop up the door with it. Three days later your neighbor comes for a visit and tells you this is gold and you suddenly remember there were a lot of such stones where you took this one.
  1. Realizing you have antiques – You’re watching TV while sitting in your favorite chair and you see a commercial for it. You turn up the volume to hear what they’re talking about and you understand that for the last 17 years you’ve been sitting in King Arthur’s throne that costs 73 million dollars. Is it comfortable enough to continue watching TV sitting on that pile of money?
  1. Inheriting a lot of money -You hear that your favorite uncle passed away, it’s been 2 weeks since he died and then you find out that not only he was your favorite but he also loved you a lot and left everything he had to you (which isn’t little at all).
  1. A bank mistake in your favor – You go to the ATM to withdraw the whole of your miserable salary all at once, you take the receipt, go home, look at it and you realize there are a few more millions in your account than the several cents that are usually left after you withdraw your pay.
  1. Investing in the right startup company – The phone rings and they start explaining to you how the newest and well-developing company needs you to buy some of its shares for only 13 cents each. You buy shares for 100 dollars and two months later you receive a letter saying that the company wants to buy these shares that now cost several million.

Now is the time to decide which way is the easiest for you and to start working on it.

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