Things You Must Notice When Having Conversation With Lady

When you are having a conversation with a representative from the gentle part of the society, you must be aware of the indications, that the female you are talking to is giving. Those are the hints that you should take into consideration while the conversation is going especially if you are on the first date, might very quickly change from interesting to boring and we would like to avoid this if you like the person sitting across the table.

She keeps her arms crossed.

If she keeps her arms crossed this most probably means that the topic you are discussing is too personal or it is not the right time to have it. Most of the studies of the body language will tell you that when someone does this it means that the person is trying to protect him/her self.  So we advise you to quickly change the topic to something more casual.

She is looking at her watch too often.

She might look at the time which means that most probably for her the time is running slow and it is like this date is taking forever and she is already regretting her choice to give a try of what is going to follow. For which we suggest you give the person chance to express themselves by asking a question about them or their preferences this way we guarantee that you will take the conversation to another level because you are going to speak about things that the person sitting across will like.

She is checking her social profiles.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that she is not interested however it is again disturbing because she might be addicted. Those type of people which are trying to be as social as possible (by using social media) are not that interesting and social as they think and is quite difficult to have a conversation with, because they prefer to have a conversation with the person to the other side of the phone. Believe us this type of person is not for you if you want someone who is social in real life.

  She is playing with her hair.

In most cases, this means that she likes you a lot and doesn’t matter what you are saying. She might not even be listening to you, because she is thinking about you. What is she thinking, we can not tell. Actually, no one can tell what one woman is thinking.  She can think of your body, of the way you look or for your future together. You can enjoy that type of dates.

She is laughing often.

If the lady is laughing to things you are saying and makes you feel like Kevin Heart on your first date this means that she is trying to do a good impression to you so you can like her. She is already having a crush on you. These types of people are giving you a lot of sings that you should notice. Be careful not to miss the pointers because they might get offended or feel bad that they are not performing well at your relationships in the future.

 She is silent.

When a woman is silent it is never a good thing. They are never silent and like to speak a lot.
This means something is wrong. Either she is shy and you are just step away from unlocking the Pandora`s box or she might not have interesting stories to tell. Either way, the things are not going to finish well if you need adventures partner or you just can give it a try and see if this calm person would suit you for the rest of your life.

She is asking too many questions.

If she is trying to understand as much as possible for you on the first date and she goes deep in your personal space this is never a good thing. Those type of people are too obsessive and always would need to check your personal accounts, social network accounts, cell phone numbers, etc. You will feel on a leash from the very beginning and sadly if you are week character will fall to the slavery of relation that you are not the dominant side.


She is putting often lipstick, lip gloss or lip balm.
Her lips are drying due to the multiple biting or licking them. That probably is because she is having erotic thoughts about you and her. This is the type of person that will fulfill all of your fantasies.  This relationship would be prime, emotional and wild. It most probably will burn you to the bones. Be prepared for what will follow.

She is fixing her straps.

Her outfit is not feeling comfortable however she feels sexy in it and her look is important to make a good impression to you. We strongly advise you to make a lot of compliments about her clothes and how she looks if you want to stack points to your actions.

She is making you compliments.

Don’t be shy to reply back with a compliment and let her know that you appreciate her observation. The person that notice details and have good observation over your behavior would be a strong link in your relationship. If this is the person that you are looking for (which will support, care and adore you and your opinion) then do not hesitate for a moment and grab the opportunity.

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