Top Equipment That You Have To Bring Going Camping

If you prefer the quiet mountain and lakes rather than seaside where is crowded, noisy and expensive then you should go hiking.

When going in nature there are strict rules that you have to follow in order to keep it clean and peaceful for a long time and everyone to have the opportunity to relax. For example keep garbage bags with you so you can store your remains of food, paper bags, cans and other things that are not disposable in nature. At the end of your stay in the mountain, lakes, wood etc. you can gather everything and throw it away.

Another important thing is that you have to be careful when you set a fire. If you never had set a fire before make sure to secure and safe the place. Be careful not to lose control of it. Here are some important things that you have to bring with you which can save your life or make your stay more comfortable:

1.  Pocket / Swiss knife–  It is very compact and can help you cut through rope, plants, sticks etc. You can get light sticks for fire, settle your tent, prepare a shelter for the rain or keep the predators away from the camp.

2.  Suitable Shoes – The outfit is very important so you can move freely and spend less energy. You can choose between Sneakers and Tourist shoes. Sneakers are light, comfortable when climbing and very helpful because you will feel less tired with them. They are flexible and would take the shape of your foot which will cause less muscle to be used. Tourist shoes are bit heavier than the sneakers but have a thicker sole and will prevent any stick, stones or other hard objects to penetrate your shoe and cause you injury.

3.  Jacket / vest with more pockets that you can use- They will keep you warm and not only that. You can keep a knife, match, and other small stuff that would help you out.

4.  Flash light – At night it would be helpful when it is dark and you need to fix something in camp or to find sticks or wood for the fire.

5.  Tent – If you are planning to stay for the night you need a tent that can be used for shelter which would keep any insects or animals away as well will keep you dry if it starts to rain.

6.  Raincoat – When it starts to rain and you still have not found a place to build your camp or simply need more time to finish the journey raincoat will keep you dry and prevent any fly, frostbite or hypothermia.

7.  Backpack – In it, you can store food, tent, rope, spare clothes etc. Most of the items that are needed for camping can be carried out easier this way.

8.  Rope– always you will need to tie up something for example sticks, tent, to make a shelter or to build a raft.

9.  Cooler – This way the food can be stored longer and you will have more food for a longer period.

10.  Water bottles – You need bottles where you can keep water. Not everywhere in nature you can find fresh water that is ready to drink. Once you do it, fill all of your bottles so you can have water for a longer period.

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