Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go Fishing

Did you ever think that you want to run away from your daily life and problems that you face every day for a while?

We bet you did, everybody does!

This is why you should go fishing. It is not important to catch fish but to enjoy nature. Here are the top ten things that you can do while you are at the lake, river or wherever you choose to go fishing.

1. You can gather the family and spend quality time with them. Especially if you don’t have enough time during the week while you are working.

2. Set fire (make sure it is safe) and cook meat or other food, sing songs and enjoy the quiet night.

3. Enjoy nature. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the birds, wind, frogs and all other creatures that are in perfect symphony together creating quality music for your ears.

4. Play games. You can play a lot of games outdoor that you can’t play at home. Football, feather ball, hide and seek and many more.

5. Swim. You can go swimming if it is safe.

6. Fishing. Of course, fishing will make you concentrate on the catch that you expect. Looking at the water and the reflection of the sun and all the little bugs, small fishes, frogs, etc.

7. Relax. Just lay on the air bed, sit on the camp chair, and do nothing all day.

8. Barbecue with friends. Always is nice to have a barbecue and drinks in good company.

9. Romantic night with the beloved one!

Some candles and dinner on moonlight with the one and only would give you unforgettable moments!

10. Photography. There is a lot of cool pictures that you can take while you are in nature. Even with a phone, you can take some amazing photos.





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