How To Overcome Broken Heart

No one can avoid broken heart! It is natural to be harmed by the ones we love. Sometimes things changes. There can be many factors that would cause these changes. The fact is that someone is left wounded, grieving and with a broken heart.

This is only because we are very obsessed with our feelings and in the end, we feel misled and betrayed. The truth is that we get used to the life that we have and start thinking that we will never live the same way. We want to live the same way because we are feeling comfortable that way and don’t like changes. However this is deception, there is always someone better for us, better than the one that we had, we just need to find it.

Don’t rush on your choice, take time and look around. Live your life for a while and see what is making you happy again. When you are in a relationship you have to conform with your partner and this causes some restrictions that you put on your own. If you do rush your choice this could cost you another headache. In order for your mind to be free, you have to start giving it tasks to do that would keep it busy until you realize that at one point you completely overcome the pain. Here are some helpful advices from us:

Find hobby

When your mind is busy with something you like, you won’t think about the past that much. If you haven’t got a hobby it is necessary to find one! Here is a simple example of what you can try, to find the perfect thing for you – climbing, traveling, photography and lots of other things that would keep you busy.


When you are doing physical actions all you think is about them and executing them properly. All the negativity is going to be lost in those actions. After good training everything will hurt, you will be exhausted and there would be no place for bad thoughts.

Go out

When you are surrounded by people you know and trust, it is always easier to overcome everything since they won’t let you down and leave you be miserable. They will always push you forward and pick you off the dirt.

Yes man

What is yes man? Have you watched the movie with Jim Carrey? If you haven’t then watch it! This teaches you that when you are open for opportunities, suddenly when you least expect it good things will happen. Saying yes to things that you haven’t done before will open your mind for a whole different world.


Start drawing, listen to music, create music, create things from scratch. The main goal here is to let your mind be concentrated only on what you are doing. It is like meditation that would take you away from your body and get you to a place that would make you feel happy, it would open your senses for a new experience.

No matter what you do, don’t be scared of the memories that return. Let them be there. They will remind you of the things you did and you need to do right now. Memories are good, they are your past and define who you are.  Everyone has past but don’t live in it. Start creating your future.

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