Which Console Is Better?

We would like to discuss two of the leading gaming consoles on the market.
Sony PlayStation which belongs to Sony and Xbox that is a property of Microsoft, are the most popular and used consoles among the gamers.
There is a quite tight battle between both when it comes to graphics, engines that they use, speed, software etc. Every new console that both companies produce has their pros and cons however there is quite a race between them.
Games that come up for both as well are similar and can be played to the same standard. We, however, would like to discuss the suitability of both.
Look – Playstation is quite edgy, however, it has different sizes: slim, standard, special edition, etc. Xbox especially for the new one has more aerodynamic shape but is big and heavy.
Gamepads – Controller of the PlayStation 4 are light and pretty smaller. Xbox has bigger and heavier Controller but they are not that easy to break and will save you some money if you are a nervous player and decide to play live games.
Software – The software design of both is with a huge difference and really will need to be tested before going ahead. It really depends on which platform you will be feeling more comfortable to operate with.
Camera: Both can offer cameras which can catch your reactions and be exposed to the screen while playing a game that can be triggered by your emotions.
Virtual Reality: This is a completely new way to explore the world of gaming by entering the world of the virtual reality which is quite real.
Button replacements, shells, protectors, special edition controllers, special edition bundles, earphones and many more.
Our best advice is to go to any store that provides those type of technology and test runs.
Touch the pads go through the menus, play the game which is started there and decide for yourself which would be the console of your heart.

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