Why You Must Have a Dog

If you are thinking when is the perfect moment to take care of a dog, here are the reasons why you must do it now. Let’s look at them

  1. Always when you come back home, there will be someone who will be happy to see you. Yes, dogs are always happy when you go back home(not like people).
  2. When you have a dog the opposite gender sees you more attractive (if you haven’t got a girl/boyfriend that’s the way)
  3. Social networking – when you have a dog you must go for a walk with it and you will always meet other people with dogs. They often will ask you for some information about your dog and after 1-2 weeks or maybe a month you will know all dog owners in the neighborhood and of course their dogs
  4. You learn to take care of someone else life.
  5. When you need to go for a walk you will never be alone (dogs are always happy to go out).
  6. When you have something to say it will always listen to your problem – the dog will never say you to shut up with your problems and will help you at that moment, if it can.
  7. Physical activity – with a dog you will be more active. Take it for a walk or teach it to fetch something.
  8. Someone will watch the house when you are out – even if the dog is small it is scaring when you hear barking.
  9. When you are in a bad company you can tell them that you must take the dog for a walk or that you must go home to feed it.

Now go out of your boring house and find your new friend in the face of your new dog.

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