Your Car Speaks About Yourself

When people see your car, they are making conclusions about you. Let’s see what are they thinking.

  1. Financial condition- First thing that people understand when they see your car is your financial condition. When you show up with fancy and shiny car people think differently about you. We, however, have to buy a car, that we can afford otherwise the bank can take it away on the first opportunity they see.
  2. What type of person you are- If you drive van or wagon, people think that either you are a family person or settle down, if you drive fast sports car this means you are young and want to approve yourself in front of others. Small cars are typical for a woman or humble people for which showing off is not that important and the car is just a vehicle.
  3. Extravagance – if you are driving silver Toyota Prius, things are clear, however, if you drive red sport Cabrio with stickers on it, then we speak about extravagance or pretending for a role in the new Fast and furious movie.
  4. Cleanliness- The moment when you see a car with one-foot dirt on top of the hood is coming up, it is completely clear that the owner is quite a negligent person. If the car is clean and shiny, even if it is cheap and accessible for the majority, then we speak about a person with morals and manners. In the comments below, you can share the type of car that you drive so we can have our opinion about you.

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